Insurrection 1946: Unresolved Histories

Coomaraswamy Hall
Jnanapravaha is pleased to offer you the opportunity to experience artist Vivan Sundaram and cultural theorist Ashish Rajyadhyaksha’s art collaboration based on a historical event in Bombay, the 1946 insurrection led by seamen of the Royal Indian Navy. The installation also includes a 40 minute sound work by British Artist David Chapman.
This will be followed by a conversation between some of India’s leading thinkers on the impact of the war in Bombay, that led to the support received by the Naval Ratings. We will examine the conditions in Bombay in the immediate post-War period, the nature and extent of dissatisfaction that existed then and the social conditions that saw tremendous support for such an uprising. We will also look at the event’s wider echoes in the context of the emerging Cold War, especially in the manner in which the uprising was read by the Americans.