Art and Architecture: Where they don’t meet

Coomaraswamy Hall

This brief presentation and discussion will dwell on the idea of two very interlinked yet very distinctive practices – Art and Architecture; the two are often clubbed as twin-practices or twin-concepts, partly for the way History of Art has been conventionally designed and taught or for reasons such as the now dated and much rehearsed debate between Form and Function. It is important to ask – what historical conditions and theoretical frameworks have brought these two practices close, and why is it today much more necessary to understand the distance and difference between the two, as much as it is necessary to the understand the history of sharing practices and knowledge between the two?

The presentation by Kaiwan Mehta will be followed by a conversation on notions of History and Memory within the work of an artist such as Vivan Sundaram, and the role of a collaborative practice such as the current exhibition and project between artist Vivan Sundaram and cultural theorist Ashish Rajadhyaksha.

Art and Architecture Discussion